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Now let’s unlock those Mailchimp ecommerce features for your Neto store, shall we?

Unleash the full power of your email marketing potential with abandon cart, personalised product recommendations and ecommerce targeting with MailChimp For Neto.

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“We ONLY send customers what they need when they need it – Pure Genious”

–  Mike M.

“It’s amazing how many abandon carts we WERE missing out on!”

– Danielle M.

“We NEVER waste our time – just set and forget!

– Greta D.

Let’s admit it: Mailchimp is miles ahead of any other email marketing service. But without ecommerce integration like the other big store platforms have, Neto stores miss out on those personalized emails that really drive your bottom-line.

That’s why you are going to love Mailchimp For Neto. You will finally be able to send those abandoned cart recovery emails and follow-ups, add personalized product recommendations to your emails, and send your targeted sales to customers based on the activity on your Neto ecommerce website.

Don’t waste your time migrating to another email platform when you already use the best. MailChimp For Neto means that you can keep using MailChimp for your email marketing, and get all the ecommerce features with just one simple connection.

So get MailChimp For Neto, your best business resource in just a few clicks. And best of all? No coding necessary—just a simple connection for a booming business.

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What You’re Missing Out On.

Abandon Cart - Connect Neto With MailChimp Today

Cart Abandonment Emails & Follow-ups

Abandoned cart emails result in 34 times more orders per email than bulk emails. These customers know exactly what product they want, and you know it too. Use MailChimp to send them some love and you will recover that lost sale.

Personalised Emails With MailChimp and Neto Ecommerce Store

Smart Personalized Product Recommendations

Campaigns that have product recommendations see a 150% increase in sales on average. Especially recommendations generated by Mailchimp’s smart algorithm! Just imagine your next digital mailer containing personal product recommendations.

Taylor made newsletters as soon as you connect your neto website with MailChimp

Targeted emails with tailored promotions

Send the right email to the right people at the right time using segments based on your ecommerce data. Want to send to people that have purchased this brand in the past? In the last 30 days? How about your 10% highest spending customers?

Connect Your Neto Webstore With MailChimp

Email list remarketing for Facebook, Instagram and Google

Did we mention that Mailchimp is always one feature ahead of you? When you have your ecommerce data in Mailchimp it can automatically create ads from your best-selling products and show them around the web to your customers.

Connect MailChimp With Neto Webstore

We built this because we needed it.

Mailchimp for Neto was built by Neto partner Keetrax (that’s us!) because we love Mailchimp and we love our clients.

We saw that our clients on other big store platforms were seeing high click-through and conversion rates thanks to Mailchimp Ecommerce integration. So our Neto clients were missing out on revenue!

We tried using other email marketing software for Neto, but kept coming back to Mailchimp because other platforms did not come close in terms of functionality, or were too buggy and clunky.

And from experience, we know that Mailchimp can grow with your company like no other. When we are ready to level up we always find: Mailchimp has a feature for that.

We decided Neto needed to integrate with the best and most prevalent marketing platform and built Mailchimp For Neto.

Keetrax-Builders Of MailChimp Connection With Neto